Get Your Laugh/Cry On: The HBO Documentary About Nora Ephron Premieres Tonight

Feminist, writer, director, and mother of the modern rom-com, Nora Ephron passed away due to leukemia complications four years ago. Ephron was known for creating strong, female characters that “say it like it is” and her many published essays that do just that. Then why was she so secretive about her battle with such a severe disease?

In addition to celebrating her life and life’s work, Everything Is Copy, addresses this mystery. Ephron’s eldest son, Jacob Bernstein, is the brains behind the whole operation, being a journalist himself.

Vulture’s Jada Yuan insists that Bernstein and his co-director/co-writer Nick Hooker created “…something that is both a loving portrait of an indelible personality and a form of group therapy aimed at answering one question: Why did a woman so committed to full transparency choose to be so guarded about the greatest battle of her life?”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be tuning in for sure. I’ll probably fall asleep to some When Harry Met Sally afterwards because that is something I often do anyway.