This Ferret Takes Out The Trash More Than My Roommate

If you were a fan of Pizza Rat, allow me to introduce you to our new friend,  Trash Ferret.  Although ferrets generally have a reputation for being quite stinky, this one ferret is challenging our previous perceptions by helping its owners out with some spring cleaning.

People of the internet, myself included, are obsessed with with the personification of animals. Just last week there was a circulating video of a horse that owns a custom made Tweed suit. Spoiler alert: the horse looks great in it.

The ferret featured in this video has poor depth perception and plows right into walls multiple times during the 1 minute and twenty-five second montage of attempts. These crashes will cause you to let out many an audible “awwww” while watching.

Still, unlike my roommate, this ferret has at least attempted to take out the trash. If your roommate is also lazier than this ferret, I recommend passive-aggressively posting the video onto their timeline on trash day. That’s my plan at least.