Easter Bunny Brawl Happens In New Jersey Mall Because Of Course

Visiting your local mall and sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap can be a traumatizing experience if you’re a young child. If the man dressed up as the iconic rabbit removes his mask and starts throwing punches at a patron, it becomes a traumatizing experience for children and adults alike.

Yesterday, at around 5pm at the Newport Centre Mall in New Jersey (of course), the Easter Bunny became an even scarier concept than he already was. An oversized rabbit that sneaks into your home while you’re sleeping is terrifying. Witnessing a half man/half bunny participate in a full-on brawl is the stuff that nightmares are made of. It is also Twitter gold.

Twitter user @kevinp461 also known as “Kev,” rose to the occasion and did what any of us would have done. He took out his phone and hit ‘record.’

Oh, and here’s part two: