Trump Says He’s “Fighting Back” After Fox News Condemns His “Sick Obsession” With Megyn Kelly

Fox News made a statement on Saturday that Donald Trump has an “extreme, sick obsession” with host Megyn Kelly that is “beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land.” Trump took it as well as you would think Trump would take it, given the fact that he skipped a debate she was set to moderate because he doesn’t like her, and tweeted that he was “fighting back”:

The frustrating thing about that is that Donald Trump seems to give no effs about context, as in, sure, Megyn Kelly says bad things about him, but how many of those bad things are just facts? How much is it just Megyn Kelly reciting offensive things that Donald Trump has said or done? I would like to see citations for Megyn Kelly actually lying about Trump, please. And for that matter, I’d like to see citations for the good, kind, decent, thoughtful, considerate, honest, compassionate things Trump has done. Maybe if he could scrounge up some evidence, the media he decries so often would take him more seriously.


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