Adele And Harry Styles Both Got Hacked This Weekend

Adele’s private photos were illegally obtained by fans through her boyfriend’s e-mail and leaked to the public, according to the Sun. The photos include a selfie of Adele while she was pregnant as well as photos of her son, Angelo, who she’s worked hard to keep out of the press. Most disturbing and invasive of all, there’s also an ultrasound of Angelo while Adele was five months pregnant. Creepy!

Adele “mega-fans” were circulating the photos in a Facebook group until the Sun and a fan contacted her management to let them know what was going on. The fan said they they were “appalled and upset” that their fellow group members weren’t respecting Adele’s and especially Angelo’s privacy. Adele had to shut down her social media accounts to make sure they weren’t compromised.

Meanwhile, One Direction singer Harry Styles’ mom Anne Cox’s iCloud was also hacked. Pictures of Styles and Kendall Jenner on vacation in St. Bart’s over New Year’s went around Twitter under the trend “Anne’s iCloud,” which is just super cute. Cox had to shut down her social accounts, too.

All of this is happening less than a week after Fappening hacker Ryan Collins was charged with felony computer hacking. Either hackers are foolhardy or the law is really not enough to adequately protect private information; here’s hoping it’s the former.

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