Thousands Of Trump Protesters Gather Near Trump Tower In Columbus Circle, NYC

Saturday afternoon, a massive anti-Trump march headed through Central Park on its way to Trump’s Fifth Avenue Trump Tower building in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle.

The protest was organized by a group called “Cosmopolitan Antifascists” as well as being aided by several pro-immigration groups across New York City.

The protest was especially charged given the fact that this is Trump’s home city – where the mogul has several (phallic and tacky) hotel and condominium high rises.

Here is a pic of a kid right outside the 5th Avenue Trump Towers:

Dozens of NYPD officers lined the streets with metal barricades and blocked the protesters path as they tried to cross busy intersections. Eventually, cops ended up pepper-spraying part of the crowd after a shoving match broke out on Central Park South, where police refused to let the parade of protesters cross the street.

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