Kato Kaelin’s O.J. Trial Versace Suit From 1994 Is Up For Sale

Every Tuesday night lately has felt like 1994 all over again. Back then, we were all glued to our heavy boxy televisions to watch the actual O.J. Simpson trial unfold. What seemed like the best soap opera on television has once again come into our lives with a fabulous new recreation that is like a Lifetime movie combined with a well-done Cuba Gooding Jr. biopic: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is on FX and it’s perfect.

One of the best aspects of the show besides Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clarke chain-smoking, is the costumes – my personal favorite is Johnny Cochran’s array of dazzling colors.

What’s so cool about this show happening right now is that it also happens to coincide with real life O.J. Trial things happening (coincidence?) Hello, the recent knife debacle?? It’s like an interactive tv show that keeps giving us real life throw-back mementos.

The latest is the news that Kato Kaelin’s green Versace suit worn on the day of his testimony is now for sale, for $5,000 on Ebay. Lolz. Here’s the kicker though, it wasn’t even Kaelin’s suit. He had to borrow it from a friend because Kaelin didn’t own one suit at the time. :(

The unrevealed owner of the suit is cashing in on the show’s hype and it’s being sold with a letter of authenticity.

Behold this olive green disaster:

I must say it goes well with his gorgeous long blonde tresses.