Chicago Gets Rid Of Tampon Tax, Will New York Follow Suit?

Periods are getting cheaper! You know, those pesky things that happen to your female body that you have literally no control over?

The fine city of Chicago has ended its tampon tax, and the state of New York passed a bill that will also do the same. Shockingly, the women of NYC pay an estimated $14 million in taxes on feminine hygiene products each year, according claims against the bill.

There has been heated national outcry for taxing menstrual products as “nonessential” items. You know, just fun little balls of cotton that we shove up our vaginas for kicks! Rogaine and foot powder isn’t taxed but tampons are. Um…

Luckily the City Council of Chicago, and now New York has listened to women. The issue was put to a vote on Wednesday, and it was unanimously decided that the city tampon tax of 1.25% will be dropped.

Still, a statewide tax of 6.25% and sales tax of 2.15% will remain on your lady hygiene products.

But don’t worry, the city tax will be dropped in 2017, and at that point it’s likely that the entire state may get rid of all of its taxes on tampons.

Like we’ve said – why are free condoms thrown around willy nilly all over but tampons are still so goddamn expensive?? Enough already.