Georgia Republican Seeks To Block Rape Kit Testing Legislation

Oh! Hey! Remember Sheriff Craig from the other day? The guy who was all like “Rape kits! We don’t need to test no stinkin’ rape kits! (you know, because women are liars)?”

Welp, this seems to be a hot new trend these days! Who would have guessed!

Although the Georgia legislature unanimously passed legislation that would provide statewide standards for testing rape kits, one Senator has taken a brave stand against those standards and is now attempting to block said legislation from becoming law. Oh, and TWIST–she’s a woman.

Sen. Renee Unterman (R-Pettysburgh) doesn’t want the legislation to be passed because she thinks it’s been “overly politicized” by Democratic State Rep. Scott Holcomb.  

Holcomb is pushing the legislation in light of the fact that it was discovered that the state’s largest hospital had withheld over 130 rape kits, and that Athens-Clarke County and Cobb County police departments had been holding onto about 500 rape kits, some of which had been there since the 1970s.

“If there was a problem, I would be Johnny on the spot and I would have written the legislation,” Sen. Unterman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I think he really overly politicized it in an election year and I’ve got a problem with that.”

So, she’s basically opposing it because she fears it will make someone else look good!

At first, Unterman denied that there was a problem at all, because no one had personally shown her the backlog of rape kits, and then later insisted that the backlog was only a problem in two counties in Georgia, and thus the issue should not require statewide legislation to fix. However, the actual evidence shows that this is a problem in other counties as well, and even if that weren’t the case, it seems weird to oppose there being an official process for testing rape kits to begin with.

I swear to god, I cannot think of any reason as to why this would not be a bipartisan issue. Is it just like a “OH, liberals want this kind of stuff, so let’s not like it!” thing? It has to be. There’s literally no other reason to not want to test rape kits. 

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