Carving Of Sleeping Merlin Receives Accusations Of “Disneyfication”

The Tintagel Castle serves as a famous glowing emblem of history in England, rumored to be where the legendary King Arthur was conceived. Though it already attracts a good deal of tourism already, the charity English Heritage has been spearheading a gradual makeover process, and not all of the changes are being received positively.

While they are waiting to announce winners for their design competition for a new footbridge (ooh la la), they’ve been actively sprucing up other parts of the site. Their most recent unveiling revealed a rock carving of a sleeping Merlin near Merlin’s cave, which was immediately criticized for being too cartoonish or appearing Disneyfied, which raises the question:  How the fuck do you make a rock carving of a wizard without it seeming a bit cartoonish or fantastical? Isn’t that the whole point of honoring the absurd legend of a bearded staff-wielding magic man? Apparently, the issue for many was not a matter of style so much as the concept of carving a fictional character at a historical site.

The campaign group Kernow Matters To Us went so far as to issue a statement that called the carving “desecration” and lamented all plans to upgrade the historical site.

I can’t pretend to fully understand the identity crisis of Cornish people who feel slighted by the fantastical nature of this site, but honestly, what is a fucking cooler way to draw people into your history than a rock carving of a wizard?