Baylor’s Taurean Prince Is Prepared To Answer Reporters’ Dumb Questions

Say what you want about athletes giving the same canned answers to reporters post-game: I posit that the reality is that athletes rise only to the standard of the canned questions given to them. Except for Taurean Prince, whose deep, deep sarcasm in response to the question “How did Yale outrebound Baylor?” after last night’s surprise March Madness loss to Yale is completely perfect:

“Um, you go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off,” Prince explains. “And then you grab it with two hands, and you come down with it, and that’s considered a rebound. So, they got more of those than we did.”

And then you grab it with two hands. I’m DYING. There are a few reasons I wish Baylor had won, but Taurean Prince’s sense of humor is pretty much at the top of the list.


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