Baby Betting Is More Exciting Than March Madness TBH

The hottest new betting sensation is: your unborn child! Get ready soon-to-be mommies. All the ersatz commentary about your baby’s sex and birth date can now be neatly streamlined via websites like, and (Note: If anyone wants to bet on that second one regarding my belly, a safe wager would be pizza leftovers or Nutella).



In a piece for Vocativ, Leslie Horn writes that a site like Baby Bookie “doesn’t actually allow for monetary bets,” adding that “The betting is just for the hell of it, and the main point is to make it easy to go back and see who guessed right (or wrong).” Basically, this is all just streamlining the process of family members and acquaintances speculating wildly about what sort of human will emerge from your body and when. You can add money in on your own, if you want, but that’s probably illegal if not just vaguely unethical.

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The point seems to be more about making a fun little activity for manly men who love betting but aren’t so obsessed with aspiring infant children.

“It gets the guys involved when most of them would otherwise pretend they’re too cool to talk about babies,” one apparently very gender-normative husband told Vocativ. “You can’t entirely blame them for the aversion–the entire pre-birth process is so heavily focused on the ladies. Sure, they’re doing all the work, but they’re also having all the fun.”

“Pre-birth processes: a little for the men now!” would all be great tag lines if any new websites want.