Waitress Sent Home Because Her Natural Hair Didn’t Meet This Restaurant’s Pointless Standards

I believe that if you have never worked at a restaurant before, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat in restaurants. The service industry is a brutal one. In addition to dealing with difficult customers, you must often comply to policies and standards that strive to strip you of your individuality and are in some cases very sexist and/or racist.

According to CBC News, a 20-year-old woman in Toronto was sent home because her hair was in a bun. It’s Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill’s policy that the employees must have their hair down. On her third day on training, Akua Agyemfra was sat down and told, “I’m sorry to have to let you go home.'”

“She was really nice about it,” Agyemfra said. “She said a lot of the girls were talking about my hair and that it was in a bun and theirs isn’t. But it kinda sucked.”

Not only is this a sexist policy to begin, but everybody who has ever worked at a restaurant before knows that is much more convenient and sanitary to have your hair up and out of the way. In addition to this, the policy and the whole exchange between the manager and Agyemfra was extremely insensitive towards towards her natural looks.

It the video below, Agyemfra – with an exceptional amount of class and composure- explains how the situation was embarrassing and that she will not be returning to work at a place that doesn’t allow her to be her natural self.