This Guy Posed As A Woman On A Dating App And Was Somehow Surprised At How Bad It Was

This male comedian dressed up as a woman for a few hours and then received hundreds of creepy, unsolicited messages by gross guys.While I do believe this guy’s heart was probably in the right place, I find this sort of gimmick to be very annoying.  He’s getting a lot of attention for this prank while women everywhere are like, “So what? Big deal.”

The biggest difference between what he experienced during his brief stint as a woman and what actual women online experience, is that there is no risk of these comments having any kind of emotional effect. These comments aren’t directly aimed at him, they’re aimed at a nonexistent character named “Simone” that a man named Sy Thomas created. Women on social media are constantly harassed and insulted, and these comments are directly about us.

As ridiculous and absurd as these comments are, getting hundreds and hundreds of them starts to wear on you. Once and a while, a very specific insult will sting. In an interview with MashableThomas explains, “I’d heard from a lot of female friends about ‘dick pics’ and creepy messages, but as it was something that I’d never experienced in my own online dating experience it was a real eye-opener.”

Sure, this was a fun and enlightening experience for this guy, but the whole concept is upsetting to me. This guy claims that now he “knows what it’s like” when he actually has no idea. A day in someone else’s shoes is a good start, but it’d be nice if we could all recognize problems and injustices that are happening to people that aren’t at all like us. Let’s try to listen and care, even if we’re not directly affected.