Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Reportedly Planning A $2 Million Wedding

The rags are saying that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are planning a $2 million wedding, and I was about to be offended by that amount, but then I looked into the cost of celebrity weddings. Are these people insane? Michael Jordan’s wedding cost $10 million, Kimye’s cost almost $11 million, and Jay-Z and Beyonce spent $5 million on the engagement ring alone. I was going to go on a tear about the wedding industrial complex and setting a bad example, but by those standards, T.Swift and Calvin Harris (do they have a portmanteau yet?) are keeping it simple.

They’re also reportedly thinking about skipping a pre-nup because it’s “unromantic.” You do you, Tay. You do you.

Although who knows? This could be and probably is all speculative bull dook. The couple isn’t even engaged yet, and they seem to be much more concerned with trying to convince us all that they are not in fact Illuminati-controlled robots and do feel love by posing for “romantic” anniversary pictures.

[Hollywood Life]

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