No, Really? Half Of U.S. Women Have A “Very Unfavorable” View Of Trump

An entirely unsurprising survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos polling has found that 50 percent of American women have a “very unfavorable” view of Donald Trump, up from 40 percent in October.

Which makes us wonder…what the hell is with that other 50 percent?

The women surveyed by Reuters primarily cited Trump’s tendency towards making disparaging comments about women’s looks, as well as his views on immigration and the way he interacts with his fellow nominees as the reasons they didn’t like him.

Via Reuters:

“I think Trump is very scary,” said Mariah Dobias, a 25-year-old cook who was voting in Ohio’s primary on Tuesday. “He says he is going to make America great, but he doesn’t say how he is going to do it besides alienating whole groups of people.”

Carolyn Hostetler, a conservative from Tennessee, told Reuters she disliked “the way he has belittled women.”

Some of Trump’s female supporters, meanwhile, said they liked his straight talk, and believe he could strengthen America’s position on the world stage.

“He’s a little unpredictable, as we’ve seen,” said Kathleen Douglas, a 65-year-old college professor from Winter Park, Florida who supports Trump. “He’s going to put other world leaders on edge.”

He sure does put them on edge, particularly our allies! Which, um, is a rather unusual foreign policy strategy, to say the least.

In response to the poll, Republican strategist David Carney said that “If the presidential election were tomorrow, women would be a big problem for Trump, but he has time to fix it.”

Does he really, though? I know that Trump keeps saying that he’ll start acting “Presidential” any moment now, but it seems unlikely that, even if he does change for the election, that he’d actually be able to keep that up for four years.

The Trump campaign has yet to respond to the survey results, although given his tendency to veer towards the completely delusional, he will likely continue to insist that women love him. He also claims he will do very will with Latinos, only 12 percent of whom have a favorable view of him. Oh, and Mexico is totally going to pay for a wall even though President Enrique Peña Nieto has insisted they will not, and has in fact compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini. Because hey, if you just repeat stuff often enough, at least some people will be happy to go along with you!