Marcia Clark Is Never Going To Tell You Whether Or Not She and Chris Darden Smushed

Attorney Marcia Clark worked with Christopher Darden on the most popular court case in U.S. history, but all people want to know is whether or not they made out. America!

Clark has been back in the news thanks to the popularity FX’s American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J.Simpson, but lately everyone is fixating on whether or not she and Darden had a real-life love story going on. Clark will not confirm or deny, because she’s a boss lawyer lady until the end.

She tells Ellen that first she didn’t want to relive the trial, but was psyched when Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson signed on to the show. Clark seemed genuinely touched when Ellen read her all the positive tweets saying the world owes her an apology for how poorly she was treated, and adorably coy when Ellen asked about whether or not Darden was in love with her:

I love that Ellen asks her point blank “Did y’all make out?” Vulture thinks that her body language says it all, but what do you think?