What Will Be On Pope Francis’ Instagram? Let’s Speculate

Pope Francis is celebrating the third anniversary of his election to the papacy by joining Instagram. OK! I would probably choose to do, say, a nice salmon dinner, but the Pope’s mind moves in ways mysterious to me, which is sort of the point of him being the Pope.

His Holiness is already on Twitter under the handle @Pontifex, where he tweets prayers, advice, and pleasant witticisms. He has 8.87 million followers on Twitter, but his feed isn’t particularly image-heavy, which leads me to wonder: What exactly is Francis going to post on Instagram, anyway? Here are some possibilities:

  • #LookOfTheDay: Because the Pope is extremely high fashion, in case you didn’t know. He may not be as flashy as former popes, but streamlined looks are in.
  • #EEEEEATS: Pope Francis isn’t really into schmancy meals, but get this — the man loves pizza so much that he’s had it specially delivered to the Popemobile, and he loves pasta so much that his doctors had to stage a pasta intervention. So, basically, he’s a carboloader just like the rest of us. Expect some food, um — I don’t want to say “porn” because it’s the Pope, but there you are.
  • Home Decorating Tips: The Apostolic Palace covers more than 1.7 million square feet, so it’s kind of a gold mine (semi-literally) for aspiring Martha Stewarts. Of course, Francis has chosen to live in the pared-down Vatican Guesthouse, but again, streamlining is in.
  • #QuoteOfTheDay: Obviously from the Bible. Do you think Pope Francis has a graphic designer on staff to make memes for IG?
  • Travel Snaps: The Pope is going to be having a less travel-heavy year during the Jubilee of Mercy, but he already visited Ciudad Juarez and will be spending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland this July.
  • Gym Selfies: PontiFLEX, amirite????
  • #TBT: From the Vatican Archives, no doubt. They do have almost two thousand years of material to work with, after all.
  • #WomanCrushWednesday: Featuring Mother Teresa, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Perpetua, of course. What? You can interpret “crush” in a lot of different ways.

And, of course, one thing you won’t be seeing on the Pontifex IG:

  • #YOLO: …For what I hope are obvious reasons.

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