Trump’s Latest Ad Features Clinton Barking Like A Dog, Because He’s Very Mature

An “attack ad” posted to Donald Trump’s Instagram account today features a clip of Hillary Clinton barking like a dog, and suggests–for some odd reason–that this is how she would deal with our “enemies.”

Is this what we want for a President?

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The footage was taken from a campaign stop in which she referred to an old Arkansas radio ad about a dog who was trained to bark every time someone running for office told a lie, noting “We need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things like, ‘Oh, you know the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation–” before imitating a dog bark.

The clip had previously excited Republican voters and pundits eager for an opportunity to call her a dog.

It’s fairly evident that the video is primarily just an excuse to run this clip, as it doesn’t make much sense otherwise. At all. For any reason. It starts off by saying “When it comes to our toughest opponents, the Democrats have the perfect answer,” then shows the footage of Clinton barking, followed up by “We don’t need to be a punchline.”

The clip of our “toughest enemies” includes Vladmir Putin–whom Trump has referred to as “bright and talented.” Trump has also said, of Putin, “He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country,” and suggested that they would get along. He’s also embraced praise from Putin, and suggested that his Republican primary opponents were “just jealous” that Putin wasn’t saying nice things about them. So, uh, I’m not too sure how impressive he’s going to be when it comes to dealing with Putin.

It also features a clip of suspected British ISIL militant Abu Rumaysah (born Siddartha Dhar). Clearly, Trump will deal with ISIL militants by repeatedly insulting that “virtually 100% of mosques” hate America, threatening to shut down mosques, and banning Muslim immigrants–which will of course do nothing to help people trying to recruit militants by convincing them that America hates them.

As for the punchline part? Uh, pretty much every country in the world would laugh their asses off at us if our President was a blowhard reality star who went around calling women dogs and pigs with blood coming out of their wherevers. Prime Minister David Cameron has already suggested that Trump visiting Britain would cause the whole country to unite in hating him, calling his rhetoric “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

This is, of course, far from the first time Trump has run the whole “LOL THIS WOMAN IS A DOG” line. When NY Times columnist Gail Collins criticized him in an article, Trump mailed the column back to her with her picture circled and “The Face of a Dog!” written over it. You know, like mature adults often do. Trump has called Ariana Huffington a dog.

I will give Trump this–if he were running for a Middle School popularity contest? He would totally win. I’m pretty sure that’s the only place where you get to be super cool by calling women dogs.

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