Samantha Bee “Smiles” For The Guy Who Suggested That Hilary Clinton Should Smile More

Women are often encouraged to “smile”when they pass a construction site or by Jim at the office who always tries to hold eye contact for way too long. Thanks to Twitter, this can happen to any women, at any time of the day, by anybody with a Twitter account.

Last night, Joe Scarborough, who we at The Frisky have dubbed “MSNBC Slimeball In Chief”, had a suggestion for Clinton, following her Super Tuesday win.

Samantha Bee, being the comedic warrior queen that she is, was quick to “smile” back at Joe via Twitter.


Bee then posted a follow up Tweet calling all the girls. “Ladies, it’s very important that you .” Thus, the movement began. Bee has since been retweeting photos of  women doing just that.

Some made it a family affair:

Current SNL cast member Aidy Bryant was also quick to respond:

I also couldn’t help myself…