One Of The Creeps Behind the Celebrity Nude Photo Hack Has Been Caught

How do you recover from your most personal photos being released to the world? Being a celebrity helps, but so does catching some of the people responsible.

Ryan Collins, a 36-year old man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to one count of felony computer hacking yesterday in a plea deal. The Cut reports:

According to the plea document, Collins was responsible for hacking into more than 100 Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts, 18 of which belonged to celebrities, using a phishing scam. The personal photos, many of which contained nudity, were promptly leaked all over the internet, even earning their own controversial subreddit that was shut down — eventually.

Jennifer Lawrence, whose own photos were released as part of the hack, went on record to say it wasn’t a a scandal, but a sex crime. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where cases like this were treated like the violation they really are?

Collins may not have acted alone; news reports say he is “one of the people” linked to the case, so more arrests could be on the horizon.