Men Tell Hillary Clinton to ‘Smile’ After She Has Biggest Night Ever

Following her big win on Super Tuesday, a bunch of male commentators thought they needed to weigh in on Hillary Clinton’s lack of enthusiasm. Whew, it’s like sexism is a real factor in this presidential race or something!

MSNBC Slimeball In Chief Joe Scarborough was the first to crack his oily lips and tell Clinton to smile:

He set off a Twitter shit storm, but that didn’t stop other men from chiming in. NPR has a roundup of newscasters showing us their worst selves.

The obvious problem here is not just that they’re wrong (Clinton was beaming post-win), but that in light of her win they relegated themselves to the most base form of sexism—men thinking they can tell a woman what to do, even when that woman is running for president. What registers as strength in men is often seen as a weakness in women.  I don’t see Scarborough or his gang telling Rubio, Cruz, Sanders, or Voldemort Trump to smile.

Also, I don’t care if my president is smiling; they should actually be quite miserable, since they’re doing the hardest job ever. Smile less, give me my basic human rights more, please!