Laura Bush Forgets To Blame Her Husband While Pointing Out America’s Current Xenophobia

What’s wrong with this event?

A) Former president George W. Bush wrote a book about Afghan women called We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope
B) Former First Lady Laura Bush wrote in intro for it
C) She criticized America’s current xenophobic climate at a Women Rule event while reading her intro for this book
D) She forgot that her husband helped usher in this age of fear-mongering

Laura Bush told Politico that America is just sort of going through a phase right now:

“We go through these periods where we’re xenophobic and we’re just gonna stay home and we’re gonna be on our own and we’re doing fine and to hell with the rest of the world, and we might be going through a little bit of that right now,” Bush said, speaking on a panel at POLITICO’s Women Rule event on Tuesday.

“But it’s not a smart policy for the United States, and it certainly is not a policy of everyone in the United States,” she continued.

What are we, surly teenagers? Part of the reason we have hate machines running for president is that George W. Bush sort of paved the way, right? The uprising of Islamophobia during his reign was shocking, and he did very little to quell the incoming tide of hate.

As much as I want to support her in the notion that these hateful blockheads are not indicative of most of America, I feel like the real problem for her might start at home.