Chelsea Handler Announced The Details Of Her New Show On What Appears To Be A Grocery List

At 11:02 am this morning, Chelsea Handler posted a hilarious handwritten note to herself on Twitter. The note reads like a checklist of goals that Chelsea has for herself, but unlike most resolution lists, she’s gonna do every damn thing on the list.

According to the letter, the show will premiere May 11th and will stream on Netflix every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. “30 minutes/ 3x a week/no commercials.”

The checklist Handler has made for herself includes “get Netflix,” and “never give up on your dream guest list: 3. Michelle Obama, 2. The Pope, 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid.” She ends the note as all good notes should end, with a P.S.

“You wanted a new show, you got it. You wanted to be on Netflix, you are. You wanted to spread your wings, now fly bitch.” Fly, bitch, fly!