Watch Andrew Bird And Fiona Apple From An Effortless Pair In ‘Left-Handed Kisses’

Andrew Bird decided he needed a duet partner for his new song “Left-Handed Kisses,” a love song about how he has a difficult time writing simple love songs. So he immediately thought of Fiona Apple’s formidable melancholy and musicianship, and she agreed to collaborate.

Bird said:

“My inclination was to write a song about why I can’t write a simple love song. The song began as an internal dialogue. At first it was just my voice. Then another voice came creeping in and I thought ‘this should be a duet if I can find the right person.’ I needed to find someone really indicting. Fiona was totally committed. The session was a long whiskey-fueled night – unhinged, for sure. All worth it, of course. I can’t write simple love songs. People are complex.”

The song’s meta-commentary on the hyperbole of love songs and the complications of love itself feels so perfectly suited to this pairing, it feels surprising it didn’t happen sooner. Although the trajectories of their careers are different and they have their own distinctive sounds and philosophies, the poetics in the lyrics and wispy white person aesthetic they share makes them, in many ways, two sides of the same coin.

The musical chemistry of “Left-handed Kisses” is featured on Bird’s upcoming album Are You Serious, which will be released April 1st and also features a collaboration with Blake Mills.