This Horse Has A Better Suit Than Every Guy I Know

The internet has revolutionized how we communicate. More specifically, it allows us to share pictures and images of animals behaving like people in adorable ways. Whether it’s a dog in a football uniform or a cat that looks grumpy, the personification of animals is a phenomenon that nobody is immune to and will continue until the end of time.

There are times when I pass a dog being walked and think “cute sweater, I would totally wear that!” This was regarding the dog’s wardrobe, not the owner’s.  None of these instances compare to how dapper this horse looks in his custom made Harris Tweed suit.

As the video below explains, the suit was made specially for Morestead, a racehorse competing in this year’s Cheltenham Festival – which is apparently a big deal over in the UK. The process took four weeks and this horse now has a better suit than anybody that I know.