Samantha Bee Throws A Party…For Trump Supporters

On last night’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee sat down with a bunch of Trump supporters in order to do the thing we’re all trying to do these days–figure out what the hell is wrong with them. Surely, she thought, they couldn’t all be as bad as the ones on TV assaulting people and telling them to “Go to Auschwitz!”

Thus she assembled a group of “college educated, bipartisan, multi-ethnic” Trump supporters, including a black gay guy whom she noted wasn’t even being escorted out!

Highlights include the group insisting that Trump’s idea to ban Muslims was a “temporary ban,” some guy saying that if you get enough people together in a room, someone’s going to get punched and then calling Samantha Bee a whore, the whole group agreeing that it was unfair of the media to report things like Trump retweeting white supremacists and saying he’d like to punch people, and also agreeing that they had no problem with liking the same candidate white supremacists do, because maybe they want to make America great again too.

Bee then escorted them to a party where she talked to several of the supporters personally, along with a designated “fact checker,” who broke down after two conversations.

The most interesting thing about the interview though, was that they insisted that we were divided as a country and that Trump was going to unite us. I don’t see that happening here. At all! For any reason! That’s not even a criticism, it’s just a fact. Trump is probably one of the most divisive figures in recent history–including in his own party. I don’t think he’s going to be the one to “unite” us any time soon.

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