The Best Reads From Last Night’s Episode Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

In the drag community, to “read” someone is to essentially dis them with an witty insult. It’s “reading them like a book” by exaggerating a trait of theirs or ruthlessly saying it like it is.

Last night’s queen-sized episode was actually full of encouraging and loving exchanges between the girls despite the fact that the  “Shade Tree” was first introduced last night.

The Shade Tree is a space where the girls can throw shade freely, confessional style. However, the only instance they revealed a confessional from the Shade Tree was when the gorgeous make-up genius that is Kim Chi remarked on how patient and supportive everyone was being while she was struggling with the dance routine. That’s nice Kim Chi, but that’s not what the SHADE Tree is for.

Although an overwhelmingly warm episode for some of the girls, it was not the case for others. Here are the top reads from last night:

3. “Everyone wants to be the star, not the entourage and right now Laila’s just giving me entourage.” -Naomi Smalls, who was not wrong. Laila was one of TWO girls that were eliminated. (Dax Exclamationpoint being the other.) This was only the second time two queens were failed the lip-sync battle and were both eliminated.

2. ” This is sad.” – Bob the Drag Queen about Kim Chi’s dance moves. This wasn’t so much a witty remark as it was just the cold hard truth of the matter.

1. “Have you guys ever been in a proper show? Like, with choreography?” – Acid Betty to her teammates during the “Bitch Perfect” lip-sync challenge. According to another Brooklyn-based contestant, Thorgy Thor, “Because Betty is so artistic, she gets away with being an asshole.” Well, we’ll see just how much she is able to get away with with mama Ru watching over.