Rihanna Rented Out A Whole Hotel Floor So She Could Get Her Green On

There are times when even the queen of “Work” needs to sit back, light up a J, and take some rest and relaxation, and this is exactly what Rihanna did before kicking off her Anti world tour. She reportedly sought out some respite from the storm of celebrity life by renting out the whole floor of a Jacksonville, Florida, hotel in order to get as high as she desired in peace.

“Rihanna rented out the entire fourth floor during her stay so that people couldn’t complain about the smell if she smoked,”  an anonymous source told the Daily Star, “If they did, she offered to pay for their room.”

Who among us, when bequeathed with both Rihanna’s resources and demanding schedule, wouldn’t rent out a hotel floor to smoke weed every now and then? It seems like one of the most logical zen moves you could make. The added fact that she offered to pay for the rooms of anyone disturbed demonstrates an awareness of space and others that can easily leave people once they’ve acquired a certain level of fame or money.

Besides lounging about and smoking various strains of weed, the anonymous source also revealed that Rihanna needed the space for her massive tour wardrobe. She understandably spent a good deal of the weekend trying on her glamorous tour clothes while high, which sounds heavenly.