Ho Ho Ho, This Rapey Forever 21 Shirt Sure Was Funny

Forever 21 is being super cute with this men’s “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want to Say No” shirt. Classy, dudes and dudettes and Forever 21!

Being an advocate for buying clothes that last more than a couple of hours, I don’t really encourage anyone to shop at Forever 21 anyway, but can we as a culture get over provocative graphic tees? Remember Kent State via Urban Outfitters? Did we not all learn our lesson? Who approved this nonsense?

It’s like Forever 21 wants guys to speak with their shirts instead of their mouths, except that the average guy would not ever say this because most guys aren’t rapists and don’t think rape is funny. Forever 21, at this moment, is the Daniel Tosh of really cruddy fast fashion, and do we really want to buy clothes from Daniel Tosh?

The internet got angry, the shirt was pulled, 19-year-olds are so broke that it’s not like they’re going to stop shopping at Forever 21 (until they wise up and realize that they’re spending way more money replacing their $2 camis every six weeks than it would take to buy one for $10 and keep it for two years), and clothing retailers will think being provocative is #fetch until the end times, so really, the world is the same place now as it was yesterday. I won’t encourage anyone to get upset over it. But I will encourage you to buy actual clothes instead of Forever 21-branded Clothing Alternative.

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