Donald Trump Makes Steak Horrible Again, Eats It Extremely Well Done

Hold on, now, people, just hold the eff on. Here’s what Donald Trump’s longtime butler’s insights on how Trump eats his steak, via the New York Times:

He understands Mr. Trump’s sleeping patterns and how he likes his steak (“It would rock on the plate, it was so well done”), and how Mr. Trump insists — despite the hair salon on the premises — on doing his own hair.

“It would rock on the plate, it was so well done.” Haunting words, for any God-fearing, beef-loving American. Who does that to their steak?

And how exactly can he claim to know whether or not Trump Steaks are really The World’s Greatest Steaks if, to him, they taste precisely like any other steak because he’s had his chef burn all the flavor out of them? For this reason alone, anything Trump has ever said about Trump Steaks is fraudulent advertising. Note that in that commercial, you never actually see Trump with a steak. Curious, no?

This is more offensive to me than anything Trump has said about women, because really, he’s just a garden-variety sexist. But this? This is particularly disrespectful to food. This demonstrates that his attitude toward food is as dangerously cavalier as his attitude toward the truth.

Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina: We’re depending on you to make steak great again, today. Don’t vote Trump.

[h/t Vox]

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