Blake Shelton Invited Gwen Stefani To ‘The Voice’ So They Could Get Their Flirt On

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has the honor of dating Gwen Stefani would want to invite her everywhere, to assert their dominance over everyone else in the world and also show off the cute (and nauseating) couple dynamics therein. Blake Shelton is no exception to that rule as evidenced by allowing the empress of the Tragic Kingdom herself, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani to come publicly flirt and dispense advice during last night’s episode of The Voice.

The couple demonstrated obvious flirtatious exchanges but still manageable levels of professionalism while Stefani, who was a coach on seasons seven and nine, advised his team. At points, their couple dynamics were about as apparent as a high school couple attempting to hide a forbidden relationship from their parents. For example, when Gwen smugly and flirtatiously told Shelton,”I would love to help you. Because I think you need a lot of help,” he responded like a flustered 16-year-old just relieved to receive playful sass from his biggest crush.

Gross! Or cute. Your call.

(Marie Claire)