You Couldn’t Pay Me To Visit This Terrifying ‘Walking Dead’ Attraction

This generation is zombie-obsessed. In fact I think it’s safe to say that zombies are officially the new vampires. The Walking Dead (and its spin-offs) are insanely popular. Perhaps this fixation with the undead stems from the sincere belief that the world is actually going to end soon considering the reality and power of forces like global warming and Donald Trump.

Whether you watch The Walking Dead because of your philosophical curiosities or maybe you love the graphic, disturbingly gory scenes that make a Quentin Tarantino film look G-rated, save up your vacation days for this summer.

According to Entertainment WeeklyUniversal Studios (the Hollywood location) will be opening a permanent year-round Halloween maze based on the beloved AMC series. I don’t know about you, but I will have no part of this. As someone who often has to close my eyes and ask “Is it over?” while watching the show, you couldn’t pay me to enter.

For those of you that are into this kind of thing, here’s a sneak-peak. For the fellow scaredy-cats reading, watch this brief trailer to confirm that you will go get ice cream while your friends and family endure the “experience.”