Producer Hudson Mohawke Claims Drake And Kanye Haven’t Paid Him, Threatens To Leak Tracks

The Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke who works closely with several chart-topping musicians expressed understandable frustration last night when he revealed on Twitter that both Drake and Kanye have yet to pay him for recent collaborations.  The now deleted tweet was screenshotted by Pitchfork, revealed Kanye and Drake’s failure to pay, threatening to leak their tracks as a punishment.

pitchfork screencap
CREDIT: Pitchfork

After the tweet started to make the rounds, the producer quickly deleted it and took back its sentiments:

He also joking claimed that he didn’t have the “10 Milly” required to have actual legal beef with Drake and Kanye, which poses the question — can anyone besides Drake and Kanye themselves afford that beef? Although Hudson Mohawke quickly withdrew his initial internet shade, he did get one last hit in when he claimed that “mainstream rappers have less business sense than yer mum.”