Madonna Has Breakdown On Stage: ‘Please Fuck Me’

During her Saturday concert in Melbourne, Madonna’s emotional performance went beyond her usual balance of sincerity and curation and barreled into a full-on breakdown. Madonna got intensely tequila drunk from a flask she brought on stage while rambling about her ex-husband Guy Ritchie and their custody war over their 15-year-old son Rocco.

The most vulnerable (and likely drunk) moments involved her calling Guy Ritchie a “son of a bitch,” asking audience members if someone would “please fuck me,” and subsequently asking who would take care of her.

The drunken spiral included her tumbling off a child’s tricycle in the middle of the stage, all in her tiny corset and top-hat. After the fall she joked to the audience that she “messed up,” and it was almost like “that was in her DNA.”

Even amidst her drunk-girl moments Madonna was still able to effectively dedicate a song to her 15-year-old Rocco, after all — this isn’t her first rodeo. All of us have those dark drunk nights, she just happens to have an audience.

(Page Six)