Female Firefighters Host ‘Women’s History Month’ Recruitment Event At FDNY’s Training Facility

38 years ago a group of women who wanted to become firefighters were led by a young lawyer named Brenda Berkman, to storm into the all-male citadel of the FDNY. Before this protest raid, women were not allowed to become firefighters with the FDNY.

Flash-forward to this Saturday, where more than 80 women interested in joining the coveted force, were dressed in full firefighting gear during a “Women’s History Month” recruitment event at the FDNY’s training facility on Randall’s Island.

The event included a very hands-on training day where the women were able to “try out” activities related to their future jobs including rappelling down four story tall buildings. Yikes!

The event is inspiring and badass and allows women the opportunity to experience what they will face in their careers.

After the initial wave of women joining the FDNY in the 1970s, they have since struggled to attract new women hires, and its numbers have waned over the decades, dropping to 21 women in 2003 out of 11,000 men.

However, today there are 49 women – still kind of abysmal but better than before. Let’s hope this event brings an even more numerous crew of women to start fighting.

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