Wacko Group Of Swedish Men Say They Should Have The Right To “Abort Responsibility” For Unborn Child

Sweden’s centrist Liberal Party “youth wing” is proposing that men should be able to “legally abort” their unborn children up to the 18th week of pregnancy.

Ok, ok they don’t mean REALLY abort. But this batshit idea would allow a potential father to legally abdicate his responsibility toward the child up to the 18th week of a woman’s pregnancy. The man would lose any rights to visit the child but also would not have to pay any child support; he may otherwise would have been required to contribute. So this is less of a physical abortion of course, and more of a right to completely fuck off and shirk any responsibility.

Essentially, this just allows men the freedom to never pay child support or have any responsibility. Sounds like a GREAT plan!!!

Naturally, this proposal has started a very charged debate within Sweden, some defending the plan and others (more) denouncing it, saying that it is “madness” and “disgusting.”

Yeah it really is. How can they possibly get away with this? Ugh Swedish MRAs are the worst.

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