Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Dance Like Everyone Is Watching In This Clip From Demolition

The movie Demolition might be about a man trying to get over the sudden death of his wife, but this clip indicates that he’s using some strange techniques to cure his grief.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an investment banker struggling to cope after his wife dies in a car accident. In this clip, he’s dancing his grief out on the streets of New York, which director Jean-Mark Vallèe encouraged.

“It was ad-libbed as we were shooting,” Vallée says of filming Gyllenhaal’s dance moves, set to the sounds of “Free” by Mr. Big. “I showed a clip to Jake. I said, look at this guy dancing. You know, what’s it like to dance in the streets of New York like this, and just go wild? And he went, ‘Oh, yeah. F–k yeah. Let’s do this.’”

My favorite part of this clip is all of it, particularly the very New York City reactions from the people around him, ranging from excitement to “oh no not this again.”