Let Gwen Stefani’s New Single Put You Out Of Your “Misery” On The Elliptical

Gwen Stefani’s new single “Misery” is here and it is a catchy jamboree of emotions. US Weekly is busy speculating whether the song’s subject is Gavin Rossdale or Blake Shelton, but I honestly could not give less of a shit either way. I’d burn calories listening to this song if it was about a Pomeranian Gwen met at a shelter and regrets not adopting.

“Misery” is the first release off her upcoming album This Is What The Truth Feels Like set for release next Friday, March 18. While you’re waiting to devour that, please feel free to listen to this lyric video loop. As YouTube commenter RKJT put it, “‘You’re music is like drugs to me’ Gwen.”