Family Of Gun-Loving Mom Shot By Son Still Opposes Gun Control

This weekend, gun enthusiast Jamie Gilt was shot in the back by her four-year-old son while driving her car, barely a day after bragging on Facebook about how he’d been shooting targets. The boy had not been strapped into his booster seat, and the loaded gun left beside him. You know, because what else would a responsible gun owner do?

As Gilt lay in the hospital recovering, her mother, Jane Brandle, did a rather illuminating interview with British tabloid The Sun.

In the interview, Brandle explains that the incident was merely an accident, and that it will not change her daughter’s position on gun control, or her own.

“This was an accident and nothing more,” said the 71-year-old from Palaka, Florida.

“All the gun control people are jumping on this, but it will not change her opinion about owning guns.

“She is very pro gun and will not change her opinion about owning them.

“She will keep her guns and I’m happy that she will.”

Don’t you wish you were surprised?

In a chat with the Daily Mail, Brandle told reporters that the Sheriff had not spoken to Gilt or her son, asking “Why would he?”

Oh, I don’t know. Child neglect maybe?

One of the primary reasons Gilt cited on her Facebook page, “Jamie Gilt For Gun Sense” (which has since been taken down), for opposing gun control was that she needed her guns to protect her child. It’s perhaps a little odd, then, that she left said child in the backseat, unsecured and next to a loaded gun.

Her other reason, of course, was the fact that she was looking forward to someday becoming a political assassin.

jamie gilt assassin
CREDIT: Facebook

This would, of course, be a big step up for Gilt, whose criminal career thus far has only included stealing five pairs of $89 shorts from a Florida Dillard’s. Though to be fair, I don’t think Sara Jane Moore had a criminal record before attempting to assassinate Gerald Ford, so I’m sure there’s hope for her yet!

As for her son, Mama Brandle says that he doesn’t have any idea that he almost killed his mother. He was seen in the hospital by a Daily Mail reporter, playing with a T-Rex toy that he was pretending was a gun. Wild guess: This isn’t the last we’ll hear of this family!

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