#FlashbackFriday: Where Did The Time Go?

I generally only feel old when I try to stand up too quickly or when I get notices that it’s never too early to join AARP, but here are a few things making me feel decrepit today.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is five years old

It seems like only yesterday that we were all deeply confused and terribly entertained by the ear-pokingly catchy “Friday,” a song about, well, a day of the week.

Almost everyone immediately panned the video as the worst thing they’d ever seen, and then 13-year old Black received a monumental amount of hateful, bullying comments. Last year, Black did a poignant interview with BuzzFeed about where she is now and yes, she thinks that video is as cringeworthy as you do.

Sasha and Malia are both wearing eyeliner

Nothing has made the last 8 years seem like they flew by than watching Sasha and Malia Obama emerge as, like, adults. They were just little toothless, funny kids last week! I don’t ever want to have kids but I imagine the worst part of parenting is constantly staring your own mortality in the face via the children you produced.

Lourdes Leon is modeling for Stella McCartney

I don’t know why this one is making me feel old since this kid is in college already, but Madonna’s first kid is almost 20-years old and I can’t believe it! Seems like only yesterday that the most shocking move Madonna ever pulled was settling down and starting a family.