When Do We Hold Donald Trump Accountable For The Violence At His Rallies?

An anti-Trump protester at a North Carolina rally was suckerpunched by a Trump supporter while police were escorting him out of the rally, the Washington Post reports.

The protester, Rakeem Jones, had attended the rally with a few of his friends, one of whom started shouting once the rally began. But, he notes, “Everyone was shouting, too. … No one in our group attempted to get physical.” Officers from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office started escorting Jones out of the rally, when a man in the crowd punched him. The officers then threw Jones to the ground and handcuffed him while Trump supporters cheered.

Violence against nonviolent protesters is becoming the norm at Trump rallies — in fact, Slate reports that this is the tenth such incident since October 2015. At some point these incidents invite the question: Is Trump responsible for his supporters’ behavior at his rallies? After all, don’t candidates’ personalities, ideologies, and rhetoric attract types of supporters? (You wouldn’t see this at a Kasich, Rubio, or Cruz event, nor a Clinton or Sanders event, after all.) If Trump objects to this violence, why hasn’t he done anything about it? And if he doesn’t, isn’t he complicit?

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