This ‘Ganja Remix’ Of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Will Elevate You

Rihanna’s new track  “Work” has quickly found a place on booty-shaking party mixes worldwide with its steady and breathy inflections that make you wanna dance while lighting a blunt.  And, because it’s everywhere right now, it’s been covered endlessly.

But, many of the covers fell under the umbrella of cutesy white kids attempting to transform “Work” into a rejected track on an Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros album, needlessly infusing it with piano to create the most boring and predictable form of musical gentrification.

The #Trapcovers hashtag brilliantly clapped back with trap covers of popular songs sung by white people and now the reggae-meets-dub artist Keznamdi has gifted us with a remix of Work that will make you wanna find the nearest hammock and chill the fuck out, he has fittingly dubbed it Herb (Rihanna x Drake Work Ganja Refix).”

Have a listen and you’ll soon forget all about the YouTube hell of acoustic white-washing.