New Spider Discovered In Australia…And Its Name Is “Brian”

A new, and frankly terrifying-sounding, kind of spider has been discovered in Australia. Apparently it can surf, skip across waves, uses the vibrations from those waves to track and catch prey up to three times its size,” and “eats fish, frogs, tadpoles, and even big cane toads.”

And it’s called “Brian.”

The spider called Brian is named after a man called Brian…acclaimed physicist Brian Greene, who did not actually discover the spider called Brian. The two met in person at the World Science Festival in Australia, where Professor Greene said that he was honored to be the spider’s namesake, because “physics is all about waves.”

On the bright side (GET IT?), while looking at it may give you a heart attack, the spider called Brian is not dangerous to humans. Robert Raven, Principal Scientist of Arachnology at the Queensland Museum, noted that he’d been bitten by Brian and while it did hurt for a bit, he survived.

If you happen to live in Australia, and would like to see one of the spiders who are called Brian in person, you can visit the Queensland Museum where one will be permanently on display.

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