Heroic 6-Year-Old Girl Climbs Into Pizza Parlor Toy Machine, Gets Hers

One of the cruelest scams perpetrated on children for the past several decades is the placement of mechanical claw toy machines in the lobbies of family restaurants across the nation. You’d beg and beg and beg whichever parent was an easier mark for a dollar to put into one of those machines, your eye on a stuffed purple unicorn or Carebear or whathaveyou, operate the claw just right, and then end up with nothing to show for it and your parents telling you about whatever lesson you were supposed to have learned.

However, Melissa Angel Wilkerson, a sly little 6 year old in Oregon figured away around all that nonsense and found a way to climb into the machine itself, beating it at its own deceitful game. Why? Because it was her birthday party and she was getting hers.

Firefighters came to the scene at Abby’s Legendary Pizza to get Wilkerson, who was safe, out of the machine. Her father, Ben Wilkerson, says that she is autistic, and wanted to get inside the machine, and somehow found a way. Good for her!

The manager of the pizza parlor says that the Acme Crane Company game scam machine has been repaired, but will be replaced by another one in the coming weeks.