A ‘New York Post’ Story Successfully Got A Homeless Woman’s Stuff Thrown Away

Yesterday the New York Post thought it was somehow tasteful and funny to feature a homeless woman on their cover (I’m assuming without her knowledge or permission) with all of her belongings and the cringe-inducing headline,  A La Cart.The cover not only exploits her and (literally) all of her possessions, but also proceeds to list everything she has as some sort of deeply classist shaming tactic disguised as amusement: NYC Homeless Woman has 20 grocery carts, 14 laundry carts, 8 suitcases, 2 plastic crates, 1 dolly.

As if the blatant mockery and homeless bashing of the cover itself wasn’t enough on its own, last night a group of officials from the NYPD, the Department of Homeless Services, and Department of Sanitation went to 61-year-old Sonia Gonzalez’s make shift home in the Hell’s Kitchen area and threw out almost all of her belongings, leaving her with just a small duffel bag, a black trash bag and three laundry carts.

Apparently the official reasoning was that her belongings were blocking the sidewalk, but the coincidence of officials mysteriously noticing her possessions the day of a New York Post cover shaming her is too obvious to ignore, especially considering this isn’t the first time the New York Post has punched down at homeless people.

A Homeless Services rep said that like many who’ve been on the streets for years, Gonzalez has refused to stay in a shelter. I hope for her sake she at least finds a space far away from assholes with cameras.