You Can Spray Hot Butter On Food Now And My Life Will Never Be The Same

Butter has the ability to redeem and uplift the blandest of foods. Butter makes toast — literally brick hard bread— not only bearable but delicious. A spoonful of butter paired with sugar elevates the regularly delicious sugar experience to a deifying rapture. Butter revives the corpses of countless dry foods back into youthful beautiful meal options, and now you can SPRAY HOT BUTTER ON YOUR FOOD!

The Biem butter sprayer works it’s gorgeous magic through a stainless steel body that blessed users insert butter into, the device then heats up the butter enabling you to spray it through the sexy steel bliss onto all of the food within arm’s reach. This invention was funded by Kickstarter, proving Kickstarter can be used for the greater good and not just Under The Tuscan Sun type self-discovery trips of overly positive Facebook friends.

The founder, Doug Foreman, who I can only assume is drowning in sex from his invention, said in a statement:

“Thanks to recent studies, butter is making its way back into peoples lives. In fact: Butter consumption in the U.S. has hit a 40-year high. Unfortunately, the way butter is served hasn’t changed in decades…so we thought: what if we could re-imagine the way people store and use butter?”

Re-imagining butter is a future I can get behind. In fact it’s a future I was born to embrace as was evident by gross but convicted early habits of casually eating spoonfuls of butter until my mom or any breathing shame-filled adult caught sight of me.

Dare I say this invention inspires so much excitement that there’s also a tinge of fear?!?