Trump Asked If He’s “Proud” White Kids Invoke His Name To Taunt Kids Of Color?

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, journalist Cokie Roberts confronted Trump about reports that white children and teens across the country were invoking his name to taunt children of color by telling them they’ll be deported if he’s President, and asked him if he was proud of that.

“Mr. Trump,” Roberts began, There have been incidents of children, white children, pointing to their darker-skinned classmates and saying, ‘You’ll be deported when Donald Trump is president.’ There have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have Hispanic kids on them, saying, ‘We’re going to build a wall to keep you out. Are you proud of that? Is that something you’ve done in American political and social discourse that you’re proud of?”

“Well, I think your question is a very nasty question,” Trump responded, completely unaware of how his own rhetoric sounds. “And I’m not proud of it because I didn’t even hear of it, okay? And I don’t like it at all when I hear about it. You’re the first one who’s told me about it.”

Roberts noted that this was strange given the myriad reports of it online and in newspapers across the country, but Trump still insisted he’d never heard of it, and that he only wanted to make America great again.

She continued to press him on the effects of his rhetoric on children, and he continued ignoring her.

“But what about the children, Mr. Trump? What about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it?” Roberts asked.

“Well, I think people are responding very positively,” Trump replied.

“Children, I asked,” said Roberts.

“I think the messages are very positive you know. ‘Make America great again’ is a very positive message, not a negative message.”

Even if that were all he were saying–Make America Great Again isn’t exactly a positive message for those of us whose situation has improved over the years. There aren’t a lot of women, people of color or LGBT people going around yearning for the days of old.

Interestingly, whenever people are asked why they support Trump, they usually say, in one way or another, that if he’s president they’re going to be able to freely insult people without anyone thinking they’re a jerk. One gets the feeling that they were all probably pretty cool in middle school, and are pretty sad and frustrated that making fun of disabled people and saying bigoted things has not made them cool as adults. #MakeAmericaMiddleSchoolAgain

There are a lot of things I’m scared of as far as a Trump presidency goes–and one of them is certainly the fact that it would be a horrible message to send to kids. Making fun of people, making rude comments about women, calling people ugly, bragging, talking about how you’re great because you’re rich? He’s the bad guy in literally every teen movie on earth —he’s Billy Zabka! He’s literally Biff Tannen! — and if he wins we’re sending a message to kids and teens that this is great behavior that ought to be rewarded with the highest office in the land.