The Florida Senate Approved A Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood

Just yesterday Ohio anti-choicers donned their tool belts, making their way to the nearest Planned Parenthood so they could graffiti the shit out of it in the name of babies – or Christ, or something?! Today, the most recent fear-fueled tornado descending upon Planned Parenthood took place in Florida, where legislators approved a bill that would defund Planned Parenthood and place new restrictions on abortion procedures.

The bill itself, which was likely crafted from inside a steaming hot garbage can, is similar in policy to recently approved bills in Texas and Louisiana, which forces abortion doctors to sign a “patient transfer agreement with local hospitals,” which means the clinic must be close to another hospital, thus immediately limiting the legalities of abortion in less densely populated areas.

The depressing piece of legislature also states that government agencies can’t fund or subsidize abortions with local clinics unless the abortion is “because of incest or rape,”or medically required to save the woman’s life. In an attempt to redefine the science of pregnancy itself, the bill also claims that the second trimester starts at 12 weeks, rather than the actual doctor-approved 14 weeks.

The Executive Director of Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Laura Goodhue, issued a discouraged statement that read,

“Florida would, in one bill, do the damage it took Texas years to inflict on women. This bill would strip many women of their access to basic health care, such as cancer screenings, birth control, and abortion. As a health care provider, Planned Parenthood knows how laws like this leave women devastated. Women in Texas have been forced to drive hundreds of miles to access abortion, or self-induce abortion without medical supervision. Now Florida is poised to follow Texas’ shameless example. At Planned Parenthood, our doors are open. We are here for our patients and will fight this with everything we’ve got.”

The hope is that Rick Scott will veto the bill, but given his antiquated views of women’s rights and overall Voldemort vibe, no one is holding their breath.