Rabbit Island Is The Perfect Place To Be Devoured By Bunnies

If you’ve ever dreamed of being nuzzled to death by fluffy sniffers, Okunoshima Island should be on your bucket list. It should be the last thing on your bucket list, really, since by the time you reach the place known as Rabbit Island, you will die from cuteness or from bunnies going HAM on you when they sense you are carrying carrots in your pockets. Just look at this poor fellow who met his doom under the bodies of so many wriggly critters!

On a serious note, Okunoshima has a tragic history; it was used as a manufacturing and testing site for chemical weapons during World War II, and the number one test subjects were, you guessed it, rabbits. There’s no proof that the modern-day bunnies are at all related to the original buns, but there’s some poetic justice that the site of such horrors is now a place where people (and rabbits) can go to find happiness.

If you were scarred as a child by Night of the Lepus or Bunnicula, there are actually a number of islands inhabited by animals around the world. Take your pick!